Soccer for 5-7 years old
Winter Session 1 and Winter Session 2 - Registration is OPEN!!!
This developmental soccer program for children ages 5-7 years old, follows the Pre-Kicks program by advancing your child’s soccer skills. Kickers concentrates on skills in passing, dribbling, shooting, teamwork and learning the basic rules of the game. Each session concludes with actual games where players can practice their skills. Please check out our Coaching Bio’s on the right side of our page. 

Age Information
  • In the Spring and Fall seasons, Kickers is offered to 5-6 year old children. Children 7-8 years old should register for the Recreation League.
  • In the Summer and Winter seasons, Kickers is offered to 5-7 year old children.
  • Registration is not complete until payment has been received.
  • Payment must be made in advance of each session.
  • Please submit payment at least one day before the first class.
  • Do not arrive a few minutes before the first class with your payment (class may be full at that time).
Class Location
  • Scroll down for full schedules for Sessions 
  • All classes will be held inside the Discovery Sports Center on one of our two turf fields. We will notify you of your field in an e-mail generally 24-48 hours before your first class. 
  • When you arrive at the field, there will be a board detailing to which grid and coach you are assigned. 
  • Please bring a size 3 ball, water and play clothes. NO CLEATS. 

  Online Registration

 Got a Question? Check out our FAQ page, or shoot us an e-mail at info@samsoccer.org.

Winter Session I - Class Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Times Offered 5, 6pm 5, 6pm 5, 6pm


1st class Nov 24 Nov 25 Nov 20 Nov 22
2nd class Dec 1 Dec 2 Dec 4 Nov 29
3rd class Dec 8 Dec 9 Dec 11 Dec 6
4th class Dec 15 Dec 16 Dec 18 Dec 13
5th class Dec 22 Dec 23 Jan 8 Dec 20
6th class Jan 5 Jan 6 Jan 15 Jan 3
7th class Jan 12 Jan 13 Jan 22 Jan 10
No Class Nov. 27-28, Dec. 24-Jan. 1


Winter Session II - Class Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Times Offered 5, 6pm 5, 6pm 5, 6pm


1st class Jan 26 Jan 20 Jan 29 Jan 17
2nd class Feb 2 Jan 27 Feb 5 Jan 24
3rd class Feb 9 Feb 3 Feb 12 Jan 31
4th class Feb 23 Feb 10 Feb 19 Feb 7
5th class Mar 2 Feb 17 Feb 26 Feb 14
6th class Mar 9 Feb 24 Mar 5 Feb 21
7th class Mar 16 (out) Mar 3 Mar 12 (out) Feb 28
No Class 2/16