Age Specific Information
U7, U8 & U9 program:
Stresses more development/less competition. Soccer at this age is about having fun with the ball and encouraging children to want to have the ball at their feet. At these young ages, the primary goal is to make the player’s experience so enjoyable that when he or she has a choice of activities, he or she chooses to play soccer on his or her own. Parents and coaches should be positive and encouraging of each child.  This age stresses more development and less competition. 
  • U7 and U8 will play 6v6 including a goalkeeper (10 players on the roster)
  • U9 will play 7v7 including a goalkeeper (12 players on the roster)
  • No standings or scores are kept
  • 12 minute quarters for U7 and U8
  • 25 minute halves for U9 
U10, U11 & U12 program:
Focuses on developing a relationship with the ball in a fun environment. Games are a forum for players to test their ball skills; game awareness is a means of development, rather than the objective. The game should be free flowing, coach-guided, not coach directed, and demands that all players on the field, regardless of their specified position, participate in defending and attacking.
  • 8 v 8 including a goalkeeper
  • Scores and standings are kept
  • Maximum roster size of 14
  • 25 minute halves for U10
  • 30 minute halves for U11 and U12
U13-U17 program:
Focuses on how ball skill and decisions influence success on the field. At these ages, ball skills, enjoyment and insight into the game, with a gradual introduction to fitness, mental toughness and results are the keys. Success in winning matches should begin to be the product of a consistent and systematic approach to the game that focuses more on player development than on team building.
  • 11 v. 11 including a goalkeeper
  • Scores and standings kept
  • Maximum roster size of 18
  • Maximum roster size of 22 (U17 only)  
  • 35 minute halves for U13 and U14
  • 40 minute halves for U15 and older