What is a class at SAM like?

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SAM Soccer's Developmental Soccer Classes are divided into three parts:  2 Kicks, Pre-Kicks and Kickers.

2 Kicks is our newest program and is for 2 year olds. This parent assisted class focuses on developing skills such as walking, balance, coordination and socialization.

Pre-Kicks is for 3-4 year olds.  The class focuses on improving gross motor skills and the development of fundamental soccer skills while HAVING fun.

Kickers is for 5-6 year olds in the Spring/Fall and 5-7 year olds in the Summer/Winter. This class picks up where Pre-Kicks left off and advances your child’s soccer skills. Kickers concentrates on skills in passing, dribbling, shooting, teamwork and learning the basic rules of the game.

For more specifics on 2 Kicks click here.

For more specifics on Pre-Kicks click here.

For more specifics on Kickers click here.


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