Athletic Trainer NOW On-Site
The Maryland SoccerPlex is introducing a new player safety initiative at the complex this season. With continuing concern regarding evaluation of concussions and other injuries, every league weekend (Saturday and Sunday) until November, we will have a Certified Athletic Trainer on site to respond to moderate to significant injuries.
Our goal is to have an experienced, trained medical professional evaluate injuries and provide guidance and assistance as appropriate to parents and coaches. Since we will only have one trainer on site, the trainer will prioritize calls based on the severity of the injury with potential concussion or head injuries being the top priority. Athletic Trainers will not provide pre-game preventive taping of athletes.
The Athletic Trainer will be on site from 8am to 6pm and, as on tournament weekends, they will be in a golf cart in order to access all fields.
We will provide the Athletic Trainer with a dedicated cell phone. The number is 240-801-2006 so that parents, coaches, and/or referees can contact them if they need assistance. The phone can accept a call or text. We would recommend the text option as the trainer will be able to view it when attending another call.
Athletic Trainer NOW On-Site
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