SAM SELECT Information


Important Information for All SELECT Coaches Click Here.

SAM SELECT is an 8-Week Competitive Soccer League.  The Spring league runs from April through June and the Fall league runs from September through November.

SAM SELECT is committed to providing a competitive and positive high-level soccer experience, on the world-class facilities at the Maryland SoccerPlex!  SELECT teams are considered travel teams and are required to be carded by the Maryland SoccerPlex.

Fall 2016 SAM SELECT League Dates:    September 10-November 6, 2016 (no games the weekend of October 8-9)

Special Notes:

  • All games will be played at the Maryland SoccerPlex.
  • 8 game season at the SoccerPlex
  • Player card
  • Award to division champion 
  • Each team will receive a game ball.


PLEASE NOTE: If your child has not already been chosen to play on a SAM SELECT team, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR SAM SELECT. PLEASE sign up for SAM Rec. 

For pricing and to register please visit our registration page.

 Age Groups
  • Under 9 (2008) - Boys and Girls
  • Under 10 (2007) - Boys and Girls
  • Under 11 (2006) - Boys and Girls
  • Under 12 (2005) - Boys and Girls
  • Under 13 (2004) - Boys and Girls
  • Under 14 (2003) - Boys and Girls
  • Under 15 (2002) - Boys and Girls
  • Under 16 (2001) - Boys and Girls
  • Under 17 (2000) - Boys and Girls

Age Chart

Click here for the SAM SELECT age chart.

Standards Chart

Click here for the SAM SELECT standards chart.

Click here for a diagram of the build out lines - for U9 and U10 ONLY.

Field Diagrams

Click here for field diagrams.


The Spring 2016 Combine will be 2 days this year - June 7 and 8, 2016.

The SAM SELECT Combine is for players that are looking to join a SELECT team. This season we will be having tryouts on June 7 and June 8, 2016 at the Maryland SoccerPlex, time and exact field locations are below. Players may choose to come one or both of the days.

NEW for Fall 2016, SAM SELECT will be for U9-U17 players boys and girls. PLEASE NOTE SAM SELECT will be following the new US Soccer Foundation standards, so players will be organized into teams based on their birth year, NOT school year. For example all U10 players will be born in 2007. Click here to find your child's age group.

SAM SELECT will also be following ALL new US Soccer Foundation standards - click here to read more.

This tryout will be held outdoors, so we ask all players, parents and coaches to dress accordingly.

Below are times and location based on age group - the schedule will be the SAME for June 7 and June 8:






Boys and Girls U9 and U10

(2007, 2008 and 2009 birth year*)




Boys and Girls U11, U12 and U13

(2006, 2005 and 2004 birth year)




Boys and Girls U14, U15, U16 and U17

(2003, 2002, 2001 and 200 birth year)




*Please note players born in 2009 will be playing up into the U9 age group, there is no U8 SAM SELECT.

Each interested SELECT team coach will be given a copy of each player’s pertinent registration information (phone number, e-mail, and position), and will be allowed to contact the player and his/her family. In addition, families will be given team contact information and will be allowed to contact teams to gauge interest. If a coach is interested in your child he or she will contact you directly.

Registration Dates: May 11-June 7, 2016

Registration is FREE.

Online Registration: Click Here

If you are a COACH/TEAM MANAGER looking to recruit players for your team, YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A REGISTERED COACH WITH SAM SELECT for the Fall 2015 season

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact Jimmy Escobar,

IMPORTANT DATES - Spring 2016 Season (8 game season)


  • May 28th/29th - BYE WEEK FOR ALL SAM TEAMS.
  • June 4th - Leveling the Playing Field Equipment Drive (pick up in front of the Discovery Sports Center and at the turf fields - fields 18, 19 and 20)
  • June 4th/5th - Final weekend of games.
  • June 7 and 8 - SAM SELECT Combine 6pm-8:30pm (players may attend one or both days)
  • June 15 and 16 - SAM new standards demonstrations (7-9pm)

IMPORTANT DATES - Fall 2016 Season (8 game season)

  • July 15 - 1st registration deadline, $10 increase (from $145 to $155)
  • July 15 - Returning player deadline
  • August 2 - SAM Rec Coaches Meeting #1 (coaches must attend at least one)
  • August 3 - SAM SELECT Coaches Meeting #1 (coaches must attend at least one)
  • August 9 - SAM SELECT Coaches Meeting #2 (coaches must attend at least one)
  • August 10 - SAM Rec Coaches Meeting #2 (coaches must attend at least one)
  • August 14 - Last date to sign up a team (Rec and SELECT)
  • August 15 - Practice schedule release
  • August 17 - Game request deadline (any requests after this date WILL NOT be honored unless in case of emergency)
  • August 20 - SAM Day at Dicks Sporting Goods (Rio Washingtonian Center 9am-1pm)
  • August 21 - Fall Open House (12pm-4pm)
  • August 21 - SAM new standards demonstrations (12pm-4pm)
  • August 26 - Game schedule release
  • September 1 - SELECT player registration deadline (no registrations for SELECT will be taken after this date)
  • September 8 - Rec player registration deadline (no registrations for Rec will be taken after this date)
  • September 10-11 - First weekend of games
  • October 8-9 - No games
  • November 5-6 - Last weekend of game

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