SAM SELECT Registration


SELECT league is an individual based registration, though teams still have approval of players that are placed on their roster. There is NO RANDOM PLAYER ASSIGNMENT for the SELECT league, only the Recreation league. 
Registration Fees for Fall 2017:
  • Early Bird Registration Fee: $155 by July 15th
  • Regular Registration - $165 - Register July 16th or later
Online Player Registration Link: NOW OPEN - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Coaches Registration Link: NOW OPEN - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

SAM SELECT Combine Registration:   August 15 & 16 - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Important Information for Coaches for the Spring 2017 Season - CLICK HERE.

About the League
SAM SELECT is committed to providing a competitive and positive high-level soccer experience, on the world-class facilities at the Maryland SoccerPlex!  SELECT teams are considered travel teams and are required to be carded by our in house carding system. For more information, please check out all of the articles linked to the right.
 Age Groups
  • Under 9 - Boys and Girls (2009 & 2010)*
  • Under 10 - Boys and Girls (2008)
  • Under 11 - Boys and Girls (2007)
  • Under 12 - Boys and Girls (2006)
  • Under 13 - Boys and Girls (2005)
  • Under 14 - Boys and Girls (2004)
  • Under 15 - Boys and Girls (2003)
  • Under 16 - Boys and Girls (2002)

*Please note 2010 (U8) players will play up into U9 as there is no U8 SAM SELECT group.

What is included in the registration fee:

  • 8 game season at the SoccerPlex
  • Player card
  • Award to division champion

Registration Process 

Registration for Players and Team Officials that are Parents of Players

  • Step 1: This is the link for Registration, Click Here. Parents should be going in through this portal, and there will be two options for them to choose from: Recreation or SELECT. They should choose SELECT, if you have chosen them to be a part of your team.
  • Step 2: There is a special request as well as coaching request box during the registration process. They should complete both of those boxes with the team name and/or coaches name.
  • Step 3: If you as the parent are also a team official, please make sure to volunteer as the coach/Assistant or Manager during this process. Once this step is complete, I will go ahead and activate you and assign you to your roster. Once this is done, I will give you the necessary information to check your roster.
  • Step 4: There are two options for payment: Pay by Credit Card or Pay by Cash/Check. How you choose to allow your parents to pay is up to you. If you would like to pay for your teams in one lump payment, please choose the Pay by Check option.
    • Please note: I cannot assign players to your roster until payment is received, so you will need to keep track of who is registered if using the Pay by Check option.

Registration for Coaches, Assistants and Managers that are NOT Parents of Players

  • Step 1: If you are not a parent of a playerthis is the link for registration, Click Here. Complete all of the necessary information. This process should be repeated for ANY additional coaches, assistant coaches and managers that do not have children on the team.
  • Step 2: Once this step is complete, I will go ahead and activate you and assign you to your roster.
  • Step 3: I will give you the necessary information to check your roster.

Carding – Players & Coaches

  • Step 1: Players will come in before their first game with a Birth Certificate or other form of Government issued ID
  • Step 2: A picture ID will be taken of the player. The information on the ID will include:
    • Photo
    • Players name
    • SELECT Age Division
    • Expiration date

Official Team Rosters

  • Step 1: Before your first game, you MUST bring in TWO prined copies of your roster that was printed from Demosphere.  The rosters will identify the following:
    • Team name
    • Coach Information
    • Coaching License Information
    • Player Information
      • Number
      • Last Name
      • First Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Phone Number
      • E-mail
    • Additional Staff Names
    • Signature and stamp of SAM Admin
  • Step 2: Each roster will be signed and stamped by Program Manager, Gary Burke (or, in his absence, Programs Director Jimmy Escobar). A copy will be given to the team, and one will remain with SAM.
  • Step 3: Rosters can be modified through week 3. After week 3, no more modifications to the Roster are allowed. Each modification requires a new stamp and signature.

The Complete SAM SELECT Carding and Roster Policy can be found by clicking here.


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