Activities for you and your children!

Record your soccer player working on their skills and share it with us on social media by posting with the hashtag #SAMStaysActive AND tag us @SAMSoccer06 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! 

Ball Mastery!

The following videos are activities that can be done in the safety of your own home or yard! Do your best, just practicing is better than nothing! 

Ball Mastery: Basic to Intermediate Levels

Ball Mastery: Advanced Level

Crazy Skills Challenge! 

In this video the moves are broken down step by step for you to try out. 

Click here for the video and then give it a try! 

Learn How to Juggle!

This video you can learn how to juggle! Click here for the video!

Build your own kickwall!

A must-have for all players. The kick wall allows kids to work on passing, and dribbling. These plans are a simple step-by-step guide! Warning, parent help will be needed! Click here!

Coloring and fun activities!

D.C. United has sent out some coloring pages, click here!

Beginner Level/Younger: 

Soccer for Success at Home: A free coaching session that takes you through how to work on dribbling within the house (safely)! Click Here for the Video!

How to strike the ball: this video shows the proper way to strike the soccer ball to ensure accuracy and precision. Click here for the video!

Intermediate to Advanced Level:

15 Skill Moves to help you beat defenders: This video breaks down 15 moves that are perfect for beating defenders in a game. This video takes a great step-by-step look at each skill move so you can break it down and perfect each move. Click Here for the Video!

Also check out Soccer Parenting Assocation's Parents and Players Playing Series! They've partnered with Techne on ways to stay playing soccer! You recieve a FREE membership by being a SAM Soccer Family! Click here to get the series!

Different ways to strike the ball to make the ball move: This video breaks down the different ways and places on the ball you can hit to make the ball move in air, chip a ball, and many more! Click here for the video!

Let's Color!

Redesign the SAM Jersey in the craziest way possible! Print out the free template and color it in the craziest way possible then send it in to us via email or social media! To get the template click here!

Looking for more things to color? Try out this free sheet from U.S. Soccer Foundation!

Activities available in English and Spanish!

These are all sorts of activities that US Soccer has come up with and distributed for children of all ages. These activities don't just include soccer, they also bring in important topics like proper nutrition and physical acitivity as a whole! Check out the wide range of activities here!

Workouts and More with D.C. United!

D.C. United has all sorts of activities to keep you and your child busy during this pandemic! Their website has activities like games and coloring, and workouts to keep you moving! Some of these are just general workouts that don't even involve a ball! The best part? The players are the ones helping you through the workouts!! Check it out here!

Keep working out with the pros!

Let's keep on working out with the pros! Today is New York City FC! They have created an entire program for all different skill levels from beginner to academy level players! Each workout has an easy to follow video to help you through it! Click here to check it out!

Try D.C. United's 10-day at home workout!

The 10-day challenge uses D.C. United Head Coach, Ben Olsen, and players from the club as coaches to guide residents through a series of workouts designed to be completed in the comfort of their home. Each day focuses on a different part of physical health, from upper body and core exercise to at-home cardio and stretching, to deliver an all-around level of wellness. The family-friendly workouts can be completed in under ten minutes and don’t require you to own or purchase any fitness equipment!

Try it for yourself here!

A girls and women focused soccer workout and lifestyle YouTube channel!

#WePlayStrong is a group made by UEFA designed to help girls and women stay in soccer. Their YouTube Channel is full of great workouts (for both boys and girls) and when you're done working out they have fun lifestyle videos and Q&A's with famous soccer stars!

Check it out here!

A Fun Activity Book for your Child! 

Soccer Parenting Association has partnered with Complete Well to create an "Overcoming Boredom Workbook." This workbook has multiple activities to help your child understand and cope with the sudden boredom the quarantine has brought with it. Click here to access the downloadable book!

If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for Soccer Parenting Association's weekly newsletter that is always full of fun activities for you and your child. Best of all, it's completely free since you're a member of SAM Soccer - just click this link to get started!

Perfect workout for beginner level players!

Tommy Thompson of the San Jose Earthquakes (MLS) has created a whole series of videos to help you work on your skills! This 15 minute workout is tailored specifically for beginners and it helps you work on basic ball skills like dribbling, and switching directions under control! The workout doesn't take very much space either! Check it out here!

Workout with Coerver United!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Coerver United hosts a live, FREE workout on their Facebook Page! You can follow along with the new ones or go back and look at some of the old ones to work on them on your schedule! All the workouts can be done from the safety of your home! Click Here to Access their workouts!

Work on your passing game!

Passing is one of the most important skills to have in soccer, it is a team sport after all! The following video will help you work on passing, even if you don't have a kick wall to pass against. This video uses simple cones, which can be easily switched with a simple object like water bottles! Check out the video here!

Another great database of workouts and challenges for you!

FC Boulder has created their own Player Resource Center with individual training sessions, skills challenges, and workouts, all are free to use! With over 10,000 views since March, their Player Resource Center allows players to stay engaged and developing their game. Check it out and try a session!

Learn a new skill!

Simple, yet highly useful, the scoop! This simple video gives you a short step by step on how to learn this skill! You'll have it mastered in no time! Click here for the video!

Work out with the Crew!

The Columbus Crew have a center full of workouts that use strictly body weight exercises. These work on muscle groups that are important for soccer in particular. And of course, all the workouts are free! Click here to access them!