Coach Michael Moulton

Coach Michael Moulton

All About Coach Michael Moulton!

Number of Years Coaching: 15, 3 have been at SAM

Playing Experience: Collegiate soccer at Montgomery Community College and University of Maryland

Favorite Soccer Move: The Cruyff

Favorite Food: Smoked salmon and lobster

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Movie: The Godfather

Favorite Quote: "Don't see obstacles, just solutions."

Favorite Knock-Knock Joke:


Who's there?

Broken Pencil

Broken Pencil, who?

Nevermind it's pointless!

"Other than history and politics soccer and teaching are my passion. So working with little ones and up to college age kids is very rewarding for me."

Coaching License: NSCAA Advanced Regional Diploma and National D License

About Coach Michael's coaching expirience: 

Michael start his coaching career as a volunteer coach in 2003 at Montgomery College. He was then promoted to an assistant coach and coached in Takoma Park Soccer Program. Moulton won titles at Montgomery Community College and a state High School title with Magruder High School in 2008. In 2009 Moulton coached Chesapeake College to the best record in school history. Since then he has coached travel and academy teams at Thunder S.C., D.C. Stoddert, MSC Academy, and Brit-Am Academy. In addition to coaching in our SAM Classes, he also coaches boys and girls teams at Norwood School in Potomac, Maryland.