Coaches Code of Conduct

SAM Soccer encourages everyone to enjoy youth soccer for what it is—children having fun. Coaches, parents, volunteers and spectators should display and adhere to the highest possible standard of good behavior on the sidelines. Help create a positive soccer atmosphere and support your child’s soccer experience by following these guidelines.


The conduct of SAM coaches on the playing field establishes how SAM is perceived by players, parents, and the public. Parents who entrust their children to SAM should feel confident that the standards being taught and demonstrated are consistent with the highest standards of good sportsmanship. It is vital that coaches maintain and teach the highest standards of sportsmanship. Coaches set the tone and provide the example for the conduct of their players, assistants and spectators and should strive to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Every SAM coach is expected to read and follow these guidelines:

  • Players will be instructed to play according to the Laws of the Game and be encouraged to play to win without taking unfair advantage over an opponent.
  • Coaching from the sidelines is permitted provided:
    • The tone of voice is encouraging and not a harangue;
    • It is done in the bench area (between the penalty boxes);
    • It is done from your sideline.


Under no circumstances will any coach use profanity at any player, parent or official, or abuse, either physically or psychologically, any player on his/her team or any other team. In addition, SAM has jurisdiction over all spectators of soccer events and may refer spectators who use profane language to the Chairman of the Rules & Discipline Committee.

Coaches’ Responsibilities

Good sportsmanship is one of the principle aims of SAM. Your attitude as a coach will set the tone for your players. Therefore, we ask that you exemplify good sportsmanship as a coach and encourage your team members to act similarly. Please remember that you are responsible for the conduct of your players, team officials and spectators. Physical abuse or violence, foul and abusive language, harassment of players or referees WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Such conduct will be reported to the Chairman of the Rules & Discipline Committee.