Goal Policy

Goals can be dangerous and failure to fully comply with the policy below may result in injury or death.

While on the Maryland SoccerPlex grounds the following rules must be followed:

  • Goals are not to be moved
  • Goals must always be anchored (ground stakes or sandbags)
  • Goals on turf must have a minimum of 2 sandbags per goal
  • Sandbags should be placed at the back of the base bars (those bars extending from the bottom of the two uprights and away from the goal on the ground)
  • Do not hang on or swing from the crossbar (tipping hazard)
  • Do not play on goal net (strangulation hazard)
  • If goals are not properly anchored, DO NOT begin play

Contact the MSF office at 301-528-1480 immediately if your field is not properly set/configured and/or the goals are not properly anchored.