Who is Sammy?

Get to know the face of SAM Soccer

Who is Sammy?

Birthday: August 15, 2005

Height: About a size 10 ball

Birthtown: Boyds

Hobbies: Giving out high-fives, making people smile, and kicking around.


In August of 2005 Sammy, like most soccer balls, appeared at the Maryland SoccerPlex with the start of the SAM League. It was clear from the start that Sammy was a natural at bringing more fun and smiles to the children of SAM soccer. Sammy underwent his training until the summer of 2016 when he made his international debut. You can now find Sammy strolling around the SoccerPlex anytime there is SAM activities going on. He loves the sport so much that he’ll even come to many of the tournaments held at the SoccerPlex.

If you see Sammy hanging around be sure to give him a nice high-five or a hug! He also loves taking pictures so be sure to grab a few whenever you can!