Undefined Futbol Freestyle Clinic

SAM Soccer is happy to bring you a freestyle clinic presented by Undefined Futbol! Freestyle soccer is a great way for players to have fun while working on their touch at the same time! 


This freestyle clinic is a 2-hour introduction into the world of freestyle! Undefined Futbol will bring their coaches in to give you a taste of the freestyle soccer world! The clinic will have time to play as well as a Q & A session to ask the professionals questions! Check out this video for an official intro!


Friday, August 21st - 6pm to 8pm at the Maryland SoccerPlex, this clinic will take place outside but be prepared with indoor sneakers!


This clinic is open to boys and girls of all skill levels between the ages of 9-17! Undefined is able to tailor to each player's ability level, however, we recommend that intermediate to advance level players participate in this program, as they will get the most from it!

To Register - Click Here! - ONLY $35 

Why Freestyle?


Freestyle is so much fun and amazing exercise! Kids who enjoy soccer love the freedom freestyle provides to simply play and create their own tricks and style. 


It's no coincidence all the stars of the soccer world know the fundamentals of freestyle. Freestyle soccer has significant benefits to improving one's control with the ball. We make sure everybody is challenged to take their control to the next level! 


Freestyle soccer is inherently a creative sport and we make it a priority to create an environment that stays true to that, where all of our students are inspired to express themselves with a ball!


Freestyle is confidence-building and requires lots of persistence, determination, and focus. We help cultivate these skills in our young freestylers and don't stigmatize mistakes as we know trial and error is the proven method for success. 

Undefined Futbol is committed to serving people through our passion for freestyle soccer. We’ve seen and experienced first-hand the unique ability freestyle soccer has to bring people together, inspire creativity, and promote overall fitness! We run a year-round freestyle soccer academy that highlights the artistic side of soccer to empower the youth, build character, stimulate creativity, and learn amazing skills.

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