2 Kicks (Ages 18 months - 2 years)

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2 Kicks is a program designed specifically for 2-year-olds. This parent-assisted (parents are required to attend each class along with their child) class focuses on developing skills such as walking, balance, coordination, and socialization. Additionally, the very basics of soccer – such as kicking and dribbling are introduced.

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Details for Spring 2021 Sessions:

Location: Classes will be held OUTSIDE on one of the renowned Maryland SoccerPlex fields. 

Class Length: 35 minutes

Fee: $110 per child per 8-week session
*Please note that only one parent is required to attend the class with the child


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COVID Protocols

UPDATE: As of February 9 at 5pm, a new Montgomery County Executive Order was issued stipulating that masks are required for all sports activities, both indoors and outdoors. As such, players will be required to be masked at all times for games at the SoccerPlex. 

  1. An electronic Health Check form must be completed for the participating parent and the child before every class date. This form confirms that the parent and child have been asymptomatic and have not had a fever within 24 hours before the class. If a form is not completed for a player, that player may not participate on that day. If the participating parent does not complete the form for themselves, the parent and child may not participate on that day.
  2. Due to the current numbers limitation, only one participating parent will be allowed to participate in the class. One additional spectator is allowed provided he/she remains off of the field area and behind the dashed line outside of the perimeter of the field.  
  3. Masks must be worn by all adults and children two years old or older. Mask are optional for children under two years old.
  4. Sanitation stations have been installed throughout the campus of the SoccerPlex and at all comfort stations. 

Please bring:

  1. Water Bottle
  2. Size 3 soccer ball
  3. Play clothes and sneakers
  4. A big smile!