GrassRoots Soccer (Ages 18 months to 7 year olds)

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2 Kicks (18 months to 2 years old)

2 Kicks is a program designed specifically to introduce 2-year-olds to the game of soccer. This parent-assisted (parents are required to attend the class with the children) class focuses on developing skills such as walking, balance, coordination, and socialization. More information can be found here

Pre-Kicks (Ages 2.5 to 4 years old)

The Pre-Kicks program emphasizes the improvement of gross motor skills and the development of fundamental soccer techniques while having FUN. Classes are loosely structured with lots of positive reinforcement and activities that change quickly to hold the interest of all children.

Soccer skills will be introduced through a variety of exercises and games in group settings to encourage personal interaction and social development.  Each session will progress and new skills will be introduced, but activities will be repeated to improve technique through repetition and to also increase confidence. More information can be found here

Kickers Beginner and Kickers Plus (Ages 4.5 to 6 years old)

Kickers is a developmental soccer program that follows the Pre-Kicks program by advancing the child’s soccer skills.

Kickers Beginner - New to the great sport and first-time players. This class allows SAM professional coaches to tailor the class to the fundamentals and basic skills of the game.

Kickers Plus - For the more athletically advanced and who have participated in one or more of SAM programs in the past. This class will be tailored to the ability level of the players still working on fundamentals incorporated into fun games. 

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Rec Ready (Ages 5 to 7)

Rec Ready is a clinic that teaches players to make good decisions on the field using the new play-practice play model. Introduced by US Soccer. The 4 v 4 formats that is used our recreational league and during our FUNdamental Fours clinic which targets the 6U and 7U age groups. The clinic reinforces soccer basics and gives the child the edge going into the season. The class is for the active, more advanced 5 to 7 years olds that need an extra boost before transitioning to Rec. ONLY AVAILABLE IN WINTER AND SUMMER SESSIONS! More information here!


FUNdamental Fours (Ages 6 to 7)

Not quite ready for the Recreation league? This is the class for you! The focus is to have experiential learning with soccerThe concept of Play-Practice-Play is to allow young players to experience the game and game-like situations as much as possible. This approach differs from traditional practices that may have children standing in lines, running laps and participating in drills that don't resemble the game of reality-based approach to allow for holistic learning. More information here!