Ronald McNair Elementary School Clinics

SAM Soccer is proud to bring our soccer clinics right into your backyard! We will be hosting a clinic
after school at the field at Ronald McNair Elementary School.

Tuesday classes begin on March 31 and will run for 8 weeks, skipping 4/7 and 4/28! 

Thursday classes begin on April 2 and will run for 8 weeks, skipping 4/9! 

These clinics are a great way to introduce your child to soccer and also help establish a healthy, active lifestyle at a young age. 


All clinics are open to players of all skill levels, in grades K-5.

Grades K-2 clinics are Thursdays from 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Grades 3-5 clinics are Tuesdays from 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm


Grades K-5: $135

Inclement Weather:

In the event of inclement weather school closings, we will consult with the school and with Bar T about makeup options.


Meeting Location:

The instructor will meet the students in the entrance hallway of the school prior to each class and will escort the students to the athletic field behind Ronald McNair ES. Parents must inform their teacher and Bar T (if applicable) that their child will be participating in the program.


After Class:

Parents have been instructed to pick up their children at 5:15 at the entrance of the school. Bar T students should be returned to Bar T unless the parent has already arrived. In the event there is a straggler child, we will call the parent.



Children are asked to wear sneakers. Shin guards are recommended but not required. The instructor will bring balls for each child.



*We will update if there are any closures due to weather

Spring Tuesdays Thursdays
1st Class March 31 April 2
2nd Class April 14 April 16
3rd Class April 21 April 23
4th Class May 5 April 30
5th Class May 12 May 7
6th Class May 19 May 14
7th Class May 26 May 21
8th Class June 2 May 28

Space is very limited so register today!! To register, click here!