Congratulations to Our Fall 2019 Sportsmanship Award Winners!

SAM Soccer
Sportsmanship Winners
Fall 2019
Select Division Winner
11 Division 1 Boys PPA Green (Worden)
10 Division 1 Boys ZSA (Chevez)
10 Division 2 Boys Xeneizes (Salina)
09 Division 1 Boys MRM Rush Gray
09 Division 2 Boys Frederick FC (Wegner)
08 Division 1 Boys MAS United (Ortiz)
08 Division 2 Boys MAYAA United (Elias)
07 Division 1 Boys Jouons FC (Barros)
06 Division 1 Boys Crushers (Glass)
05 Division 1 Boys FC Hammer (Gnatiko)
04 Division 1 Boys ATD Infinity (Manning)
03 Division 1 Boys Aspire FC (Marston)
11 Division 1 Girls Bethesda White (Robinson)
10 Division 1 Girls FCGB CoE West (Antiaye)
08/09 Division 1 Girls Lfcia Wmd 08G (Miller)  
08/09 Division 2 Girls Team USA (Lipscomb)
06/07 Division 1 Girls Hurricanes (Alvarado)
Rec Division Winner
7U Boys White Grassroots (Steele)
7U Boys Red Kline
8U Boys White Gunzburg
8U Boys Red Sharks (R Hernandez)
9U Boys White Jaguars
9U Boys Red Mustangs (Novotny)
10U Boys White Geckos (Wright)
10U Boys Red Wendell
10U Boys Gold Les Bleus (Graybeal)
11U Boys Ramblers (Lott/Mehraban)
12U Boys Wuor
13/14U Boys City of Rockville- West (Pineda)
High School Boys Perlman
7U Girls Franklin
8U Girls Imming
9U Girls Dolphins (Hansen)
10U Girls Kunkle
11/12U Girls Xeneizes MD Navy (Salina)
13/14U Girls Poolesville Power (Fowlkes)
High School Girls Nogales

Fair Play Please! Brought to you by Leidos

What is Fair Play Please?

What is Fair Play Please?

Soccer is a great opportunity for kids to learn positive life lessons: teamwork, commitment, perseverance and sportsmanship.

The SAM Recreational and Select leagues want to encourage good sportsmanship at all levels and we are excited to announce Fair Play Please, the new SAM Sportsmanship program!! This program is the beginning of a larger effort to foster an environment that encourages not only player development but also ensures that all players, parents, coaches and referees are treated with respect.

The goal of Fair Play Please is to recognize those teams that demonstrate a high level of positive play and respect for others. The program will be implemented immediately with the spring 2018 season.

How Are the Winning Teams Selected?

At the end of each spring and fall season, SAM coaches will be asked by league management to nominate one team in their division that should be recognized for good sportsmanship towards their teammates, opponents, coaches and referees. (Teams will not be able to nominate themselves). The winners will be selected based on coaches’ votes and league management observations during the season.

What Award Winners Will Get

  • Every player on the winning team receives a SAM “Fair Play Please” t-shirt
  • The winning team’s coach will receive a recognition plaque.
  • Winning teams will be featured on our website and social media channels!

Coaches, we ask that you…

  • Encourage all members of your team’s families to support sportsmanship, fair play, and positivity at all games and practices.
  • Please be thinking about the sportsmanship of the teams against which you have already played this season. Make some notes about those games and at your upcoming games to help you make your nominations toward the end of the season.
  • Consider strategizing with the opposing coach at the beginning of each game about ways in which you can collaborate during the game to ensure that every player has success and finishes the match feeling good about himself or herself.

We thank all of the SAM family for helping to make our league the standard for great competition, great fields AND great sportsmanship.