Tip #2 - Team Sportsmanship Liaison

Effective with the Fall 2018 season, all SAM teams will be required to designate one person from their team to be the Team Sportsmanship Liaison (TSL). We strongly encourage all teams to voluntarily participate this current spring season.

Why TSL?

At SAM Soccer, our goal is always to foster the children's love of soccer as much as possible, while still promoting the spirit that a soccer game can provide. We understand that sometimes we have instances that cause. We are confident that many difficult issues that arise at SAM games can be avoided if each team designates one adult from their team to fulfill the role of TSL.

What is the Role of the TSL?

  • Prior to each game the TSL from both teams should identify themselves to each other and to the referee.  We suggest that the TSLs accompany the team captains to the center circle at the beginning of the match to meet with the referee. The TSLs should discuss with the referee and coaches what role the TSL will take in the event the sidelines begin to negatively impact the match or the referee’s ability to do his/her job, including:
    • Ensure the team spectators/parents observe the spectator line.
    • Be the "cooler head" should sideline behavior become extreme.
    • Be the first point of contact should the referee feel he/she needs help due to inappropriate sideline behavior.
  • TSLs should promote a “positive” sideline atmosphere for both players and spectators, and discourage the use of negative comments directed at players, coaches, or referees, or sideline jokes or humor that may not be appropriate in a public or group setting.
  • If sideline behavior results in a SAM Code of Conduct or Rules and Discipline (R&D) hearing, the TSL may be asked to participate.

Other Information and Suggestions

  • Providing a TSL will be mandatory beginning with the Fall 2018 season at U8 and older games. Referees will be instructed that they are not to start the match until both TSLs have been identified.
  • The TSL does not need to be the same individual at every game but should always be someone who takes the responsibility seriously and who is not afraid to address poor behavior by a fellow team parent.
  • It’s important that the TSL be present on the parent’s sideline so it should not be the coach or manager.
  • Please share the details of this program with your team parents and encourage them to volunteer to help as a TSL. Tell them it’s a great way to help ensure that the culture at their child’s game is healthy and positive for all involved.