Covid Protocols:

As this is a fluid situation from week to week, it will be impossible to determine what protocols will be mandated by the time our spring season starts. SAM Soccer and the Maryland SoccerPlex will comply with all state and county safety protocols that are in place at the time the season starts.   The safety of our athletes, coaches, referees, and staff are our number one priority and SAM Soccer and the Maryland SoccerPlex may implement additional safety protocols that may exceed federal, state, and county guidelines should we feel that is necessary.

As an example, these are the protocols that were in place at the conclusion of our fall season:

  1. Participating players must complete an electronic Health Check form before every game date. This form confirms that the child has been asymptomatic and has not had a fever within 12 hours before every class. If a form is not completed for a player, that player may not participate on that day. 
  2. Only one spectator per player is allowed in the area of the fields and must remain behind the dashed line that is painted around the perimeter of the field. 
  3. Masks must be worn by all adults at all times. Masks must also be worn by players at all times EXCEPT when participating in active play at which time they are optional.  
  4. Sanitation stations have been added to each field grouping and at comfort stations.
  5. Game start times have been staggered to allow time for departing players for less people around the fields.