New League Updates October 14th


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Mask are no longer required during “vigorous and strenuous” activities including games.  Montgomery County is currently drafting the new language to be published shortly.  However we have been provided explicit permission to proceed without masks during games.  Per the Director of Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security,

We [Montgomery County] are adopting the American Association of Pediatrics interpretation around face coverings which allow them not to be worn during vigorous and strenuous activity. Their interpretation is detailed here:

Please remember that all other restriction from the County are still in place, specifically the limitation of 50 persons per field.  As such we will continue to prohibit spectators on all fields.  Spectators, families, and all other visitors must remain in the parking lot or in their vehicles at all times and cannot be on the sidelines of the field or other common areas of the SoccerPlex property.  Spectators are reminded that if they choose to leave their vehicles they must wear a mask and maintain social distancing while in the parking lot.  Failure to comply with SoccerPlex policies and rules may result in the termination of the game and the loss of future rental privileges.   The home team is responsible for informing the visiting team of these polices and general enforcement.


Updated league rules for Fall 2020 only


  1. Montgomery County has stipulated that there can be no more than 50 people on a field at any given time. As such, we are unable to allow spectators at the fields. Parents must remain in or around their car in the parking lots. (EXCEPTION: Parents of 7U and 8U players may deliver their child to the coach at the field and return to the parking lot immediately. They may return to the field to retrieve their child ONLY when the game is completed.)
  2. No team can have more than twelve (12) people present at the field and no more than two (2) of them can be adults. So, if a team wishes to play eleven (11) players, only one coach can be present. If a team wishes to have two (2) coaches present, only ten (10) players can play at that game. 
  3. Parents of players must complete an electronic Health Check form. This form confirms that their child has been asymptomatic and has not had a fever within 12 hours before every game day. If a form is not completed for a player, that player may not participate on that day.
  4. Social distancing between players while on the sideline. Benches will not be provided by the SoccerPlex and teams may not use their own benches.
  5. Masks must be worn by players at all times, including walking to and from game fields, on the sideline.
  6. Masks must be worn by coaches at all times.
  7. Masks must be worn by parents and all others at all times while on the SoccerPlex campus and not in cars.
  8. Sanitation stations have been added to each field grouping and at comfort stations

SAM SELECT is committed to providing a competitive and positive high-level soccer experience on the world-class fields at the Maryland SoccerPlex! 

Team Registration

  • ALL teams that will participate in the Fall 2020 Select league must register. The coach or manager will register the team online and a team fee will be assessed (see below).
  • The team fee must be paid by OR a team may request to pay by installments at that time if unable to pay in full. (See below for installment plan details.)
  • After registering their team, coaches must register themselves as a volunteer to begin the background check process. For assistance on how to register a team or as a team official,  click here. (ONLY NEW COACHES/ASSISTANT COACHES)

Fall 2020 Fees







9U (2012)


$ 1,650

10U (2011)


$ 1,650

11U (2010)


$ 1,660

12U (2009)


$ 1,660

13U to 19U (2008-02)


$ 1,660

*Each Player over roster size of 11 will be charged $50 fee.

Teams registered after August 31st 2020 will incur a $100 late fee

Teams that are unable to make full payment by September 8th may request to pay by installments. As long as payments are made on time, there is no additional charge to make installment payments. 

Please note you will not be able to make partial payment online when you register. Please call 301.528.1480 to begin the payment plan and make partial payments. Thank you for understanding. 

We believe that the changes will result in:

  • An earlier and simpler registration process
  • Simpler roster building and player carding process
  • The earlier release of and more reliable schedules
  • More efficient volunteer registration and background checks
  • Improved league and team communications functionality

We appreciate that there are a lot of changes and that there will be a learning curve for all of us. Please know that we are here to support you, answer questions and help you through the process when needed.

If you have any questions about any of these changes or if you need help with your registration, feel free to contact us at or call us at 301.528.1480. We will be happy to help.

Team Registration and Volunteer Links and Instructions

See “Accessing Your Account” below.

  • I am a coach registering a team - Click here 
  • I am a coach registering myself - Click here  (ALL COACHES AND ASSISTANT COACHES NEED TO REGISTER - this is a new soccer season. Thanks.)

Player Registration

  • IMPORTANT: For FALL 2020 ALL PLAYERS must register online using their previous household.
  • All BRAND NEW Players must follow the instructions below.
  • Photo Upload- Once you click on the player registration link below, you will first be asked to upload a photo to your child’s household profile. This must be done before actually completing the registration form itself. Photos must be a forward-facing headshot to be accepted. Once you have uploaded the photo, you will have the ability to crop and resize it. 
  • Proof of Age Upload- For players who have not already done so in the past, during your player registration, you will be asked to upload a proof of age document. Acceptable proof of age documents are a copy of a birth certificate or passport.

If you have any questions about any of these changes or if you need help with your registration, feel free to contact us at or call us at 301.528.1480. We will be happy to help.

Important Dates- SAM Select - These dates are all subject to change:

 July 14 SELECT Team registration Opens - Online Only
SAM Soccer Combine - Pre-registration required 
July  14 SELECT Player Registration Opens for NEW players only
August 31st

SELECT Team Registration Deadline

September tbd Scholarship/Grant Deadline SELECT and Recreational
September 1st

SELECT Team Payment Deadline ( If you cannot pay in full then a payment plan will be put in place)

September 8th

Second AND Final team payment due. All money due in at this time. 

September 3rd

Game/Schedule request deadline

September 4th

Practice Schedule Released

September 9th

Game Schedule Released

September tbd

Coaches Meeting/Clinic 4v4 and 7v7/ Mandatory new coaches meeting

September 16th From 5pm NO more registrations for SELECT and Recreation
September 18th First games of the season
September 21 Roster Frozen SELECT
November 8 Last day for games

Fair Play Please!! – SAM’s Sportsmanship Program

Fair Play Please is the initiative from SAM Soccer to help promote sportsmanship from coaches, players, and parents to all. Sometimes we can get a bit involved in a game and Fair Play Please is to remind that it is only a game and winning is not everything. The team that displays exceptional sportsmanship throughout the entire season will win our Fair Play Please t-shirt, and be recognized on the website, and social media. Throughout the season we ask that you remind teammates, coaches, and other parents to promote Fair Play Please!


How Do I Register Online?

Accessing Your Account

  1. When you click on the online registration link it will provide you with TWO options:
    1. Create an account (Please follow steps 2 & 3)
    2. Login with an existing account (Please go to step 4)
  2. IF you are a NEW user and have never registered for any program with the Maryland SoccerPlex, Discovery Sports Center or SAM Soccer please choose this option. 
  3. You have the option to create an account via Facebook or manually. Once you have created an account follow the on-screen instructions for registration.
  4. If you have registered before for a Maryland SoccerPlex, Discovery Sports Center or SAM Soccer program please click Forgot Password in the Login with Existing Account section.
  5. Then follow the onscreen instructions to set up a new password for your household. All the household data from the old system has been migrated, but we could NOT transfer over your passwords, so thus why you have to create a new password.
  6. Once you have set up your new password login as normal and follow the on-screen instructions for registration.

PLEASE NOTE: The SAM offices WILL NOT be able to provide you with your password over the phone anymore. If you forget your password in the future simply follow steps 4-6 above.  

If you are experiencing difficulty during the registration process, call 301-528-1480 and a SAM staff member will be glad to help you.

Refund Policy - SELECT Leagues

Refund requests must be submitted in writing. Refunds will be given minus a $50 administration fee.