League Rules

SAM SPRING 2021 LEAGUE RULES SUMMARY (revised 4/7/21) 

The following modifications to the SAM league rules apply for the Spring 2021 season. In instances where this document is in conflict with the larger rules document, this document will govern.  


8U-10U… 7v7 (including goalkeepers); 11U-18U… 8v8 (including goalkeepers); 7U… 4v4 (no goalkeepers) 

A game may start with a minimum of five (5) players. If a team does not have enough players to start the game, the clock will start on time. A team must start the game at the scheduled starting time if the minimum number of players is present. If, after 10 minutes, a team does not have enough players to start the game, the game will be cancelled.  

25 minutes per half for 8U (2013) to 10U (2011) 

30 minutes per half for 11U (2010) AND UP 

All games have a 5 minute halftime.   

CARDS/VIOLATIONS: If a player or coach is red carded (ejected) from a game, the minimum penalty will be sitting out the next scheduled game. If a spectator is ejected or asked to leave the game site, the minimum penalty will be a suspension of at least the next two (2) scheduled contests.  

ROSTER SIZE AND MAX AT FIELD: Maximum team roster size is eleven (11) players. EXCEPTION: 7U roster limit is ten (10) players. (7U games will be two side by side 4v4 games.) No more than twelve people per team can be at the field and no more than two adults may be present. If a team wishes to have two coaches (adults) at the field, only ten or fewer players can attend. If a team only has one coach at the field, a team can play eleven players.  

GAME WARM-UP: This is restricted to only 15 minutes before your scheduled kick off time. Please do not arrive earlier as we will not have field space for you. This is to help follow all CDC and MD SoccerPlex return to play guidelines.  

HOME & AWAY TEAMS: The home team (first team listed on the schedule) is responsible for providing an appropriately sized ball for each league game. (7U- size 3; 8U-12U- size 4; 13U-HS- size 5) and wearing a light color if they have options. 

JERSEYS/UNIFORMS: Teams are required to provide their own uniforms in SELECT and have both a colored and white shirt available at every league game. Recreational teams will be provided a game uniform. Home team ( first name listed on schedule) must change in the event of a color conflict.  

SUBSITUTIONS: No subs on the fly. Must be made at midfield upon approval of referee.  


Player cards act as proof of age and your roster. They will be shown to the referee before every game. The referee will complete a roster check before each game. If the player is not on your roster they can not play and if they do play the game will be a forfeit (3-0 win) for the opponent.  

OFFSIDE: Will be called during games (with the exception of 7U).  

ILLEGAL PLAYERS (REC ONLY): Carded or Unregistered Players on Teams Players possessing a current player card for playing in a travel league (MSYSA, US Club Soccer, MSI Classic, MSI Travel or SAM SELECT) are considered travel/select players and are not permitted to play on SAM recreational teams. Teams using a carded or unregistered player will forfeit all games in which that player participated. Additionally, carded players will be removed from the roster. In addition to forfeiting the game, other sanctions for the use of carded or illegal players may be the deduction of standings points, suspensions or removal from the league. 

STANDINGS/AWARDS: Scores and standings will be kept for all age groups except 7U and 8U Rec. The winning team please email scores@samsoccer.org with full team names and score. 

MASKS: All attendees, including players who are actively participating in the game, must wear a mask at all times, which covers both nose and mouth, except when in the parking lot in their own car.  Non compliant players, parents or coaches after a warning, will cause any game which they are involved in to be terminated.  

SPECTATORS: Only one spectator per player is allowed in the field area and must remain behind the dashed line around the perimeter of the field. Additional spectators must remain in or around their car in the parking lot.  

HEALTH FORM: Players and coaches will need to acknowledge on a Google form within 12 hours of every game that their child (or the coach himself) has not had a temperature over 100.4 degrees and that he/she has been symptom free for the past 24 hours.  Failure to complete the form renders participant ineligible for that game and he/she may not be on the SoccerPlex campus. SAM Soccer will enforce safety protocols, not referees.  

The health form will open for Friday games at 6am. For Saturday games at 8pm and Sunday games at 8pm - all 12hrs before.  

WEATHER: Lightning Detection and How It Works: The Maryland SoccerPlex is equipped with a lightning detection system. The purpose of this system is to protect patrons using the facility when dangerous storms pass through. Sensors have been installed on the roof of the Discovery Sports Center. When dangerous conditions exist, the following steps will take place:  

- Horns on the roof will sound for 15 seconds.  The 15-second blast indicates ALL patrons must immediately go to their vehicles. 

-This 15-second horn will blast when dangerous conditions have been identified so, even if you do not see lightning, do not ignore this signal  

-When dangerous conditions no longer exist, the horns will blast three (3) shorter blasts. What to do When the Lightning Alarm Sounds  

-When the lightning alarm sounds, Immediately leave the field and go to your car or the Adventist HealthCare Fieldhouse. 


-Wait for the all clear signal (3 blasts of the horn). Once the all clear signal sounds, go back to the field and resume the match where you left off.  

-Games should be played in full (Do not end early so that the next match can start on time)  

Closure information will be posted on the SAM homepage, www.samsoccer.org and the SoccerPlex Weather Hotline, 301-528-1497.  

LIGHTNING DELAY POLICY: The following will apply to SAM Soccer games in the event of a lightning delay.  

- If a lightning delay occurs with 15 minutes or less remaining in the game, the game is terminated and the score at the time of termination will be the final score.  

- If a delay or a combination of multiple delays reaches 30 minutes of total delay time, the game is terminated. o If the game has reached halftime, the score at the time of the termination will be the final score.  

- If the game has not reached halftime and the delay or combination of delays has not reached 30 minutes, teams must wait until the “all clear” horn (three short blasts) has sounded to resume play. The game will continue to completion assuming no further delays are sounded.  

- Any game terminated prior to halftime will be rescheduled to a later date.