Reynaldo Rojas Wins MSYSA Award

Reynaldo Rojas Wins MSYSA Award



The Maryland State Youth Soccer Association announced on Monday June 10, 2019 that Reynaldo Rojas of SAM Soccer has won the Male Recreation Coach of the Year. This award is part of the yearly awards given out by the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association. The winner of this award promotes sportsmanship and a positive environment that allows for creativity, self-confidence, and fun within the game of soccer.


Reynaldo Rojas originally began coaching in California where he was there for 5 years, he then moved to Maryland where he continued coaching. He joined SAM Soccer in 2016 as a fill in for another coach and has stayed with the team each season since. Rojas is constantly attending SAM Soccer’s coaching clinics, reading books and watching videos on how to become a better coach and provide his players with the best experience possible.


In addition to coaching, Rojas also has participated in several initiatives and projects designed by SAM Soccer to improve and strengthen youth soccer. He is a member of the SAM Recreational Soccer Roundtable, a group designed to come up with ideas on how to increase participation in soccer, specifically girls’ soccer where there is a sharp decline in participation. He is also a member of an adjudication committee to address rules and discipline matters that may arise at SAM games.


Gary Wheeler the SAM Recreation Program Manager said, “Reynaldo fosters an environment of fun, self-confidence, and independence among his players. During games, his instructions are limited so that his players can figure it out amongst themselves to help with their development. Coach Rojas models exemplary behavior always whether it be during a game or out in the community. He is a high-quality coach that allows his players to grow with the game.”


Reynaldo Rojas will be presented his award at the annual MSYSA’s Annual General Meeting on June 23 at the William F. Bolger Center in Potomac, Maryland.